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Duramax Specialist since 2001

Servicing All your truck needs

Diesel Truck engine diagnostic and repairs including emissions, fuel injectors and head gaskets

Tuning For maximum performance

Fully emissions compliant Custom in-house flash tuning for 2001 & up GM trucks and cars Complete with electronic transmission tuning

Emission Repairs Let's kick it up a notch

Now specializing in light duty diesel truck repairs and diagnostics



  • Torque Converters
  • Performance Engine Builds
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Complete Computer Diagnostics
  • Complete Driveline Rebuilds
  • Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

We're always looking for customer satisfaction, so we are not afraid to go an extra mile in providing best possible service. Our customers' loyalty and support is the best reflection of our efforts. We thrive to make sure, all of our customers are always satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction

Client's Say

  • Can't say enough good things about the quality of work u do. U and ur company are an inspiration to what others should try to achieve.

    # Kellit - LTC Tire Owner

  • Just want to say thank you for fixing my truck, it's working really good. Thank you very much. May God bless you, have a nice day.

    # Victor - Peel Region Towing

  • Hey Boss, wanted to thank you so much for all your help to get my big red Duramax back on the road. She runs better then ever and I have nothing to complain about. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to doing more business with you hopefully with my next truck :)

    # Mike - Another Happy Customer

  • Your absolutely right when you said it's all in the transmission tune! Thanks again for everything and believe me you'll be getting quite a few people sent your way. Plus 8.7L/100k is pretty f@%king good!!

    # Matt - Now, Fast Truck Owner

  • Hey Bernie, Just wanted to say I'm super happy with the intake. I'm starting to get alot better mileage now and definately can feel more power. I already told a few guys about it, you'll be installing some more in the near future. Thanks again

    # Noor - Tow Truck company owner

More About Us

  • BR Powersource Ltd. was founded back in 1999.There was very little electronic automotive tuning available in Canada so most customers had to seek programming and or chips for their modified vehicles in the US. We recognized this void in the market and acted upon it. By the year 2000 we became a corporation and actively continued to train in this field as well as help some of our manufacturers produce many performance products suited for our Canadian environment. This was done through extensive testing and programming input.
  • Personalized performance tuning and or package matching for each customer's demands. All levels of performance upgrade packages for most late model GM, Ford and Dodge trucks and SUVs, for both diesel and gas engines. The same is available for most late model Ford and GM cars. Customers can tune their vehicles to accept bolt on modifications such as camshaft changes, gear or tire changes, raise or lower transmission shift points, speed limiters etc. These upgrades are available in forms of programming tuners, computer chips, exhaust systems, diagnostic scan tools, gauges, transmission upgrades, fuel injectors, cold air intake systems and more. Other than just performance most customers experience significant increase in fuel economy as well. Specializing in most GM vehicles 96 to current gas/diesel performance/mileage tuning.

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Dyno Test Results for Bernie's 2008 Chevy Duramax, with True Rear Wheel HP, Factory Emissions Intact,
Tuning and Air Intake only (!!), and 2006 LBZ Duramax Race Truck with Fully Modified Race Engine
with NOS and Custom Tuning. ( New Record - 1039 HP and 1850 Torque at the rear wheels !! )

Tests by Diesel Doctors Ltd.


BR Powersource

High performance truck and auto accessories and performance.

Address: 1428 Speers Rd. Unit #10 Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6L 5M1
Phone: (905) 847 5682

Email: brchip@bellnet.ca